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Days of Our Lives: Chloe Speaks German, Max is a Thief

Now that it has been less than a day or so since Shawn Senior was put to rest, I guess everyone has decided they can move on. I hope not. Stephanie and Nick discuss a grant for which Nick is applying and Chelsea can't help but think of her father.

Max says that he got community service for what happened with Decker. Then we get into the fun world of internships, for which Stephanie, Chelsea, and even Morgan have applied. Somehow Max finds himself taking one of the pages from Nick's notebook. Nice move.

Chloe tells Philip that she needs a huge favor for him, and it doesn't involve getting dressed up in his military apparel for kinky reasons. She says she is getting low on money which makes sense considering she has no job.

He says she can stay with him and by coincidence she already had her things sent over. A little later Philip hides a voice recorder in her room and then sees her speaking German on the phone - she of course is unaware he is listening in. It wouldn't be DOOL otherwise.

Abe goes to visit Patch and tells him that he couldn't find any information on Ava in local databases but he then went ahead and ran it through state and federal databases as well. Steve explains how it all happened after Stefano stole his memory.

Despite the fact that the storyline is now contradicting what Steve initially said about finding himself in a hotel room with his Nick Stockton identification we have to accept that now Steve says that he escaped from Stefano's brainwashing facility and ended up with Ava. He realized she was wrong for him and now Ava has found herself to Salem.

Philip quickly calls someone who speaks German. Naturally he is soon there and tells him that Chloe was on the phone with her (talent?) agent who knows that somehow, she threatened Brady. She swore that she didn't mean 'I'll kill you' and he has to keep quiet. Of course this is when Chloe comes in and asks what is going on.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 3, 2008 3:54 PM
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