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Days of Our Lives: Victor Kiriakis Takes Care of Chelsea

Well, Chelsea is one lucky girl. Two people end up dead because of her and she manages to not serve any time. Okay, so they were both accidents, but you know what I mean. This time it didn't seem like it was going to happen given how fervently Crawford was fighting it the whole time. Fortunately, Billie had the foresight to go and see Victor, who immediately had the entire thing taken care of. How did Victor take care of things? Probably the only way that Victor takes care of things.

Sami and Lucas have a completely awkward conversation. Sami tells Lucas that she feels as though she caused everything and yet at the same time wants to hate him. Naturally, EJ is listening to most of the conversation. After she gets off the phone with Lucas EJ tells her all about Stefano no longer being a threat thanks to his stroke or whatever put him in his present state.

Lucas decides that he is going to go to Abe and confess to everything. Who knows why? Perhaps that's just how much he wanted to avoid Sami testifying in court. Abe tells him it's not advisable and Lucas says he wants to do it anyhow.

Nobody believes that Colleen is Colleen but of course she ends up convincing them by telling the long story about how she didn't actually kill herself but she wanted to make it look as though she did. She did it so that Santo would have his life back. She then proceeded to move to South America and started making clothing for children and made quite a bit of money. She apologizes for taking something of theirs and returns Claire to them via Crystal.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on February 1, 2008 7:48 PM
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