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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Failed Mission

Crawford Decker goes to see Victor. Victor tells him that autopsy reports prove that Chelsea was not the cause of Ford's death and it was purely accidental. Crawford is less than pleased with this but accepts it. Afterwards, Victor and Billie talk about her life and he tells her that he wants her to be head of security at his London office, a job that she takes only after getting the okay from Chelsea.

Kayla finally gets to tell Bo that he is apparently quite sick and needs to get back to Salem as soon as possible. Patch stalls Hope so that she doesn't find out the bad news. Without people hiding things, there would be no plot on Days of our Lives.

The big important part of today's episode is John trying to kill Colleen. She tells him that he can't kill her because she is actually his mother. He of course doesn't believe this for a second. She explains that he was the lovechild of herself and Santo but of course, Santo didn't know about him because she was thought to be dead.

She gave birth and named him Ryan. That means that John Black's real name is - Ryan DiMera. I guess we have to start calling him that from now on. No, everyone will stick to John Black. That's just how it goes. Anyhow, John fights within himself not to kill his mother and then to make things that much more dramatic, he runs off. Marlena goes and tells everyone about this because, of course, she is worried about him.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on February 5, 2008 8:54 PM
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