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Days of Our Lives: The Grunting House Guest

Belle has a good cry to her mother, who of course sympathizes and assures her that she will soon be back together with Shawn. Marlena wonders if Belle is in love with Philip. Belle says that she is going to go and see Sami and Roman comes to see Marlena who wonders why she hasn't told Belle what Crystal said.

Philip can't believe that Lucas seems to be giving up already. After some arguing Lucas says he will fight for freedom (wherever there is trouble? - is GI Joe there?) Philip says that they can petition the court for a new judge if he doesn't get bail.

At the pub, Hope tells Shawn that she's sorry about what's happening with Belle but she actually knew about it and is also sorry for not telling him. He says that Belle made a fool of him and that he has asked for a divorce. Philip comes to see Shawn and tells him that Belle is in danger.

EJ goes to see Sami and pleads with her that Lucas is in danger. He tells her about how he stood up to his father about Johnny and Sami thinks it's incredible but hard to believe. He promises to go and talk to Stefano to get some help. After EJ leaves Belle comes to visit and Crystal sneaks around talking to someone about finding "her" - presumably, Belle.

Crystal goes to Sami's apartment and tells them that there is a silver car in her parking space - Belle's car, of course. When Belle starts to go to move the car Crystal tells her that she needs to go with her and of course Belle reacts by going back to Sami's - but suddenly, Crystal is gone once again.

Stefano tells his man Carmine that he will need his help. Soon, EJ is there to visit but Rolf doesn't want to let him in. There's an odd screaming sound. Stefano comes on out and EJ tells him that he can see his grandson as long as he is supervised - and then asks him to promise that Lucas won't be killed pre-trial. Stefano says it is too late for that.

Lucas is brought to his cell, where Carmine is already waiting for him. How convenient.

Marlena tries to call the DiMera house but the house guest picks up and gives a few grunts before hanging up. Huh-oh.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 3, 2008 4:31 PM
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