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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Stefano Doesn't Want to Make Bail

Sami and EJ prepare to go to the safe house - everyone's dream, right? He's a bit like Lonestar in Spaceballs, wondering if Sami is in fact only taking things she will need to survive.

Lucas wonders why Stefano doesn't just post bail and leave. Stefano tells him that his lawyers could easily get Lucas out of there but Lucas says that means he would owe him and he doesn't want to owe Stefano anything. Naturally when Stefano is meeting with his lawyers Lucas finds Stefano's phone and calls Sami. When Stefano returns Lucas is taken out for some convenient reason and Stefano calls Sami as well, who thinks it's Lucas again and says to stop calling. Fun all around.

Belle wants to know where Claire is but Philip has no answers for her, alas. You can pretty much skip their part of the episode as it was a lot of prattling that took them pretty much nowhere.

Marlena says she realizes that it's not John that she's dealing with but she doesn't want to give up on him so easily. John calls out Marlena's pet name and she comes and he tells her that he had a dream about her. Everything related to John and Marlena has to have a dream somewhere - ever notice that?

Later, John has a memory of Stefano telling him he would be a clean slate. He then shows him a disc that has everything formerly in his brain. I wonder if it's blu-ray or HD-DVD. It turns out that Marlena is considered too close to John to work on him and so another doctor is brought in.

Marlena tells herself that she will take things into her own hands if necessary. You go, Doc!

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 22, 2008 7:32 PM
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