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Days of Our Lives: Shawn and Philip Team Up

Max and Stephanie joke around about a snowball fight - who won? Does it really matter in the greater scheme of things? She gets serious and tells him that she appreciates everything he has done for her. Stephanie nearly tells Chelsea the truth but then Ford Decker's father comes to say that he knows that they killed his son. Stephanie soon says that Ford raped both Cordy and herself and Crawford says that she just supplied motivation.

Philip tries to get Belle on the phone but can't reach her. Sami comes up, seeming quite upset. Philip tells her that Belle is gone. She wonders how Shawn is handling it but Philip says that Shawn doesn't know quite yet.

Shawn talks about taking Claire with him the next time he and Chloe go out for some fun. He says he will run it by Belle to make sure it's okay and she wonders why he feels the need to do this. Shawn soon gets a phone call from Philip who tells him he has something important to tell him.

Belle asks where they are going as it's not quite that obvious. Crystal says that they are protecting her from Stefano somehow.

Roman shows Stefano that his search warrant is quite real. Stefano can't believe that Salem's finest is now looking for ghosts in his house. Marlena, meanwhile, has already found John. He naturally has no idea who she is so she goes ahead and tells him. Soon Hope tells Bo and Roman that they have found John. John wonders about Marlena's perfume and why she shot the living room. He notices that she seems to be trembling and she says it's because she thought he was dead.

Of course at this point Stefano has changed his tune and says that he saved John's life. Nobody quite agrees with him on that one. John attacks Bo when he figures out that he's with the police and Marlena tells him that Bo is his friend. Stefano is placed under arrest.

Philip finally tells Shawn what happened and Shawn blames it all on Philip. Shawn starts to go after the mystery mobile with Belle and Claire and Philip tells him that he is going to go with him. How very nice of him.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 15, 2008 3:33 PM
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