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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: More Confusing Than Cloverstein

Chelsea thinks about what Nick told her about coming clean or splitting up and when he comes to visit he is disappointed to hear that the sorority house voted against her. Long conversation that ends with Nick saying that he's not going to leave her but that she should tell the police the truth.

Bo talks with a fellow police officer about the Ford Decker case and how the police are starting to believe that the whole sorority house is lying. They are basing this on what evidence, exactly - the contact lens in the basement? Yeah, that would really hold water in court. Soon Bo goes to visit Chelsea and pressures her to tell him what she knows.

Bo says that loyalty to her friends is not as important as the truth. She says that she has nothing more to say and he gets ready to go but then says she clearly hasn't changed since what happened with Zack. He also says that he won't let what happened before happen again. He tells her that he loves her and takes off.

Shawn and Chloe look at the tattoo that was on Rob's arm - okay, it's a photograph of the tattoo. They discuss how Celtic tattoos signify what kind of person they are. Shawn says he should check out the storefront again even though it may be dangerous. Chloe wants to go but Shawn says she shouldn't - so she threatens to go to his father if he won't take her. Really mature. Shawn gets to the storefront with Chloe and knocks on the door, showing the photo of the tattoo to the person inside. The guy gets a weird look on his face.

Belle wants to get out of bed but is encouraged not to do so. The nurse tells her that from now on she is forbidden to get out of bed. Some people wouldn't mind their spouses being bedridden. Hmm.

Marlena and John discuss how things went under sodium pentathol. They have a long conversation that include the words "dry cleaned" in the context of John's brain. Marlena says that she will keep on fighting until they are all a family again. Belle and Philip come to visit and Belle is upset to see that John is chained to the bed. Marlena takes Belle outside and tells her that John has been having violent reactions to what Stefano did to him and then admits that John has absolutely no memory of anything.

Belle wonders if John will ever get well again. It's a mystery deeper than Cloverfield. (I call that film Cloverstein but that's just me.) Marlena apologizes for letting it come out this way. After Belle leaves, Marlena and the doctor discuss John and his mission - and she makes an allusion to someone who will tell her what she needs to know. Uh, Stefano, anyone?

Posted by Gordon on January 24, 2008 8:59 PM
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I Did to know went happaend Next on the Day of our lives.
Today I watch John's Mother and John was going to kill her mother.
and Did not kill her at all John's mother is going to Die

I need to know went happaend next to John's mother.

Bryson Cabernel

-- Posted by: Bryson tyler Cabernel at February 5, 2008 6:47 PM

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