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Days of Our Lives: Marlena Will Fix Things

Billie goes to the pub to see Nick about the Ford Decker case. He tells her that he knows absolutely nothing and of course she doesn't believe him. It's not long before Crawford Decker comes in with the Dean of students and they argue again. The Dean tells them that if it turns out that they were covering up anything they will both be out of a job. After they take out Billie tells Nick that it's exactly why he has to tell her whatever he knows.

Marlena says that the drugs aren't helping John at all but the Doctor says that what he says goes and he wants to give John a truth serum. Of course he doesn't tell the truth enough to say what his mission has been set to be. Marlena and the doctor discuss what to do with John since he seems to have no memory whatsoever. The doctor says that they should move him to a psychiatric ward to put him under better care and Marlena protests.

Bo and Hope talk about how she wants to get back to working with the police. She says she just wants to make the world a better place for Ciara.

Chelsea tries to persuade the girls at the sorority house that telling the police and everyone else the truth about Ford Decker would be the best course of action. Of course, since this is DOOL, they argue that telling the truth wouldn't be a good idea at all. Chelsea says that Ford deserves a proper burial and Morgan says that he deserves what he got.

Stephanie and Max joke around about different things and then Stephanie tells him about how Chelsea wants to have a vote on whether or not they should tell the truth about Ford Decker. Stephanie says that she is worried that if they tell the truth, Max will get in huge trouble because he knew exactly what he was doing the night Ford was moved.

The voting at the sorority commences and nearly everyone votes (through playing cards) to tell the truth until Stephanie comes in and casts her vote to not tell the truth and nearly everyone changes their vote after Stephanie makes a moving speech. It's not long before the Salem PD comes to visit.

Marlena vows that she will get her John back. Again.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 23, 2008 6:54 PM
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