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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Marlena Threatens Stefano

Stephanie has bad dreams and Max comforts her. He wonders if perhaps she should see a therapist. He says he will even go with her. They soon get an appointment with a therapist. The session apparently goes well enough but of course Patch sees Stephanie coming out of the office discussing a prescription for sleeping pills. Stephanie explains that it's girl stuff she discussed with her mother and Patch butts out.

Hope and Kayla discuss her fertility doctor appointment - apparently it went quite well.

Roman tells Patch and Bo that apparently, the building housing the Psychic emporium is owned by someone called CB DiMera. They go and inspect the building and run into Rob, who tells them that he was hired for renovation purposes. They ask to go in but he asks for a warrant and that puts an end to that.

John has a cigar in Stefano's study. Why couldn't Stefano had told him his name was an entirely different name? Weird. John says that he wants to go out. Stefano tells him that he is wanted by the police and then asks him to stay out of sight as Marlena has come to visit. She asks Stefano where Brady is. Stefano says he knows nothing about it. She whips out her gun and says that she could kill him and Rolf and nobody would be able to trace it to her. Instead of shooting him, she shoots up his desk. How logical.

Belle is escorted by the police for her protection, apparently. Crystal gets on the phone and wonders what they should do. Belle goes and has a nice little talk with Hope. Later, she goes to Marlena's and says that things could have been worse. Stifled yawn.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 9, 2008 3:56 PM
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