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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Crystal Arrested, Sami Tells Philip Off

Bo and Hope pretend to be homeless and stay outside of the psychic emporium. When Crystal's friend Rob comes and asks them to leave they ask if he owns the place and when he admits that he does not they say they will stay. Hope takes a Rob's picture with her phone and says that she will show it to Belle - if it's the same person they can bring him in.

When Crystal makes an appearance at the emporium of quacks, Bo tells her he's with the police and has some questions for her. He starts off by stating that she is thought to be linked to a European abduction.

Roman and Marlena talk about John's death and how Marlena thinks that John is still alive. Why bother with new scripts when you can just rehash the old ones?

Marlena asks Nick to do tests on John's "ashes" and to determine if it is really John.

Sami complains about how Will won't talk to her and EJ tells her to just give him time.

Stefano and John discuss why he can't go out - yes, he is a fugitive. Rolf tells Stefano that he can't fix things with medication since he already is at the maximum dosage.

Kate and Philip tells Lucas that he has to plead insanity and that they even have a psychiatrist in their pocket who will testify to his temporary insanity. All they have to do is to convince Sami into testifying that she made him crazy. (Oh, that's all?)

Philip and his awesome lawyer friend go and find Sami and they discuss their idea for the defense. The lawyer does a not so great job and leaves. Then Sami tells Philip that he and Lucas can just go to hell.

EJ goes to see Stefano and they argue about his furniture being taken away. He tells Stefano that he wants his things back or he will go straight to the Brady family and tell them that John is alive.

Marlena goes to the police station and finds Crystal and asks her if John is alive. Duh, Marlena, she already told you that he was.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 10, 2008 3:06 PM
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