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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Claire is Freed and ReKidnapped

Shawn and Philip discuss the kidnapping and how the van apparently is heading in their direction. Since they're on foot they're a sure bet to catch it. Shawn tells Philip to stay away from Claire when this is all over. Bo approaches and confirms the van is coming. Three people versus a several ton van. I see this going well, how about you?

They notice Rob and some random guy.

Belle argues with Crystal,of course. Belle asks for a cup of coffee and then uses it to surprise knock out Crystal - and then she makes a get away. She soon finds Bo and the boys in the middle of trying to arrest Rob. Of course Rob manages to get Claire away from Belle. Fighting abound until Belle and Shawn go into the water. They are brought out of the water but in the meanwhile Rob gets into the van with Crystal.

Belle isn't breathing and when the EMTs get there they declare her dead. Fortunately, the EMS in Salem is about as competent as the police so she's actually very much alive.

John tells Marlena that he wants to be set free from the hospital. She isn't interested until he gets his memory back. If this is anything like Patch he will have some pretty bad strap burns by then. She is pleased at one point when he calls her Doc.

Wow, just like Patch randomly called Kayla "sweetness." Aw, but John tells Marlena that he doesn't love her. That's because he doesn't know who she is. Despite looking at tons of photographs he still has no clue. Much discussion and she swears she will bring him home. I'd like to see that happen. Well, since this is DOOL, it will happen - it will just take a few months.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 16, 2008 4:22 PM
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