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Days of Our Lives: Chelsea Admits Ford is Dead

Stephanie gets some interesting news from her father - they are trying to get pregnant. Isn't everyone doing that nowadays? Okay, maybe not quite everyone - like this one group of people that promotes voluntary extinction - but, uhm, other than them? Stephanie gets ready to cry and Steve wonders what is wrong. Kayla encourages her to tell him and she admits that Ford raped her.

Shawn tells the guy in the building that he is there to pick up Claire and he works with Stefano DiMera. The guy lets him in but then attacks, of course. Good thing Chloe intercepts. Someone in the back of the building says that they are dealing with Stefano's enemies. There is a fight, Chloe calls the police, and they somehow find a folder full of photos of the Brady family. Weird.

More of the same with John. He hasn't gotten his memory back, if you were wondering. Doctor Carrington calls Marlena and tells her that John has no emotions at all. Sami goes in to see John and he nearly chokes her - probably because she looks like the old photograph of Colleen. It's okay, they make up.

Marlena says she wants to see Stefano. That is surely going to go well. He tells her that he's happy to see her and she assures him that she won't be. She is there to give him sodium pentathol and he laughs saying that he is immune to that. She gives it to him anyhow and he says that John's mission is to seek revenge and destroy his target. So no information whatsoever.

Nick tells Chelsea that she should tell the police. After much discussion she goes in and tells Crawford that his son is dead.

Marlena tells a sleeping Stefano that after she is done with him they will be even. I wonder what she is planning to do.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 25, 2008 6:56 PM
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