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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Bringing the Family Back Together

Marlena goes outside onto the balcony - I thought she sold the Penthouse. Oh well. She gets a visitor in the form of Hope who invites her to come to the New Year's party. She eventually decides she is going to go and so everyone seems to be having a good time - even Marlena, who thinks she sees John but it turns out to be someone different. Bo toasts everyone and Kayla tells Steve that she is getting some tests done to see if they can get pregnant. Bo asks Marlena if it is okay to worry about her and she says that she misses John.

Philip argues with Chloe. She swears that her story is true and he says that it seems totally implausible. She wonders how he could possibly help and he says that he can help her - for a certain price, of course. The price turns out to be getting as close to Shawn as humanly possible. She resists, saying that Shawn and Belle are in love with each other. He points to a man at the police station and says the man got a huge magazine publisher out of prison and he could do the same for her. She finally agrees and then mentions that the people who took Brady also took a photograph of Belle and Philip flips out and leaves, wondering why she hadn't mentioned it earlier.

Marlena gets contacted by Crystal who tells her that Brady is in danger. She of course wonders how she can possibly know this. They discuss this and after Crystal flees Marlena goes to the police station to confront Chloe.

Shawn doesn't even want to listen to Belle's explanation of why she slept with Philip. They argue ad infinitum but eventually Shawn just tells her that he wants to get a divorce. What a nice way to start off the new year! She refuses to believe it but he insists and tells her to spend the night at her mother's place. She runs into Philip outside of the pub who warns her that she is in danger - as well as Claire - based on information from Chloe. Belle tells him that he and Chloe can go to hell.

The episode ends panning around to everyone, wherever they are and what they are doing at the stroke of midnight. Marlena tells a photograph of John that she is going to bring her family back together.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 2, 2008 6:56 PM
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