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Days of Our Lives: The Tracking Number and EJ

Bo tells Shawn that he looks nice in a tie. The rest of his suit doesn't look too bad, either. Shawn is eager to talk about getting into the police academy.

Abe tells Bo he has "it" in his pocket. It happens to be a warrant. The good news is that the police have a scanner now that can get details on the bullet inside of EJ.

Patch tells Kayla that it was probably kids that messed with the car. He says that since they can't drive the car, they may as well fool around inside of it. Of course, they are briefly interrupted by Hope, who is worried that something is wrong. Kayla comes into the pub (presumably this is postcoital) and she and Hope talk about Belle and Shawn.

EJ asks for Sami's help putting together a bouncer for their son.

Lucas tells Kate she did a really terrible job of cutting the brakes. He tells her about sending the gun to himself. EJ comes to visit and just wants to offer something for the babies. Naturally, the package happens to contain a baby monitor. As EJ listens, Kate says that he has to be nicer to EJ particularly if he was the one that shot him. Lucas calls to track his package but the police soon interrupts. They recognize that he is way too calm but decide to upturn the place anyhow. EJ wonders if Lucas shot him.

EJ manages to hear Lucas giving the tracking number to the delivery company and he writes it down. He thinks about the possibility of Sami conspiring with Lucas and he tells her that he doesn't trust her when she comes back to the apartment.

At the reunion, everyone catches up on things that have happened over the last number of years. Jason, the jerk, seems to still be a jerk. Chloe thinks back to seeing Philip and Belle at the hotel. Chloe gets friendly with Philip who is not too friendly in return. Well, we all know what happens when people aren't friendly with Chloe. She asks what is going on with Belle and he says nothing is going on. They discuss Brady and how she and he are now divorced.

Chloe and Belle argue about relationships and Chloe says that Shawn deserves a lot better. Chloe finds Shawn and asks to speak privately. She tells him everything. Shawn goes over to Belle and, as it is announced that Shawn and Belle are winners of the award for high school sweethearts that made it, asks her if she slept with Philip. Uh oh.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on December 11, 2007 4:21 PM
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