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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Pass on the Bullet Proof Glass

Patch tells Kayla that the car seems to be perfectly fine but he's pretty sure it wasn't the DiMeras that sabotaged the car. Oh well - another Kate plot gone down the tubes. Kayla comes out and says she has a task for him - one that apparently involves her wearing next to nothing. They talk about the risks of pregnancy. I don't know about you but that's not my idea of foreplay. They agree that she should get checked out at the doctor to see if it's okay to get pregnant.

Sami and Marlena talk about Lucas lying about where he was the night of her wedding to EJ. Sami says that she would have eloped had she known how many guns would be at the wedding. They talk about the problem with saying that she has feelings for EJ and Marlena tells her that she has to absolutely end things with him.

Max counsels Nick on 'getting lucky' with Chelsea. He gives her a big kiss and they head off to her bedroom, presumably to study. Study what - anatomy? She tells him that she owes him an apology and says she was preoccupied with the Ford case - he is missing. She tells him how he came over and passed out on the couch. There is a loud scream which turns out to be Carmen - the shower was really cold. Nick deduces that there must be a problem with the water heater - the one in the basement.

Morgan tells Max that she wants to give him a really nice present - one that she has been wanting to give him for a long time. She gives him an autographed race car photograph from someone who apparently wanted to race against Max. When Max hears about the water heater problem he says he can help fix it but Nick says he can do it alone. Max ends up going to check out the heater and fixes up the area where Ford was buried. Apparently the water heater is ready to die. How sad. It wants to be just like Ford.

Morgan and Max have a strange little conversation at the end of which Max leaves and Morgan is left thinking that she may have been dumped. So sorry, Morgan.

Stephanie finds Cordy at Chez Rouge and confesses that she too was raped - but she wasn't as strong as Cordy in admitting to it. Cordy is initially mad at Stephanie but then says that if she comes to therapy with her it will be really great. Stephanie is reticent but Cordy insists. As they walk out into the dining area, Cordy tells Stephanie that she has to tell someone about what happened. Of course, Max is there in hiding to hear it all. It wouldn't be DOOL otherwise.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on December 18, 2007 3:02 PM
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