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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Let The Arguing Go On

Belle tries to talk Shawn into at least talking with her and he doesn't want to because it will just lead to more arguing. She says she just wanted to help and he tells her that clearly Philip is just trying to break them up. Shawn seems to be doing a good job of that himself. Hope comes by and wonders if everything is okay. She asks how the reunion went and Shawn can't help but think about Belle admitting to planting the gun. When Shawn has to take a phone call of course Hope tears her a new one. After Hope leaves Shawn and Belle argue some more and he says that she can't see Philip anymore.

Billie and Bo talk about Lucas and yes, it does eventually come out that Lucas was at the church the night of the shooting but he really wasn't the one that shot EJ. Bo asks if that is the case, what did he do with the gun he bought? He explains what happened in Cincinatti

Sami doesn't want Lucas to leave. He says he has to pick up a package. Naturally, he is being followed by the Salem police. EJ, meanwhile, pretends to be Lucas and tells the shipping company to bring him the package. As he takes care of little Allie he somehow manages to walk into the living room, saying how he likes the last name DiMera better than Horton for Allie. This is when Sami comes to visit and he gets back into his chair to let her in. Somehow they manage to get to arguing.

Lucas and Kate meet up at Chez Rouge, where he tells her that the package was rerouted from the warehouse. They agree to change cars to throw off what he thinks is a tail on him but of course, it doesn't work as the tail starts following Kate's car.

After Sami goes back to the other apartment, the package arrives and EJ stops him and signs for the package. He manages to walk again, albeit painfully. Well, at least he's walking again. He has a good look at the package and has a nice smile, thinking he has trapped Lucas.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on December 13, 2007 5:21 PM
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Hello, am from Cyprus and sorry for my bad english. Here we used to to see "Days of our lives" before some years, but the chanel stoped and never start again.I am very unhappy about this. Please do something i miss it so much! thank you very much

-- Posted by: Anna at December 25, 2007 4:56 PM

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