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Days of Our Lives: Bo Gets Lucas' Gun - Trouble?

Chelsea and Nick get together. I'll spare you the details and tell you that she keeps on thinking about Ford Decker and how they somehow accidentally killed him. She gets a call from the sorority when Billie stops by because she needs to talk to them about Ford. He says he is okay with her leaving but of course later confides in Max that he is royally upset. Max tells him that he needs to actually do something about it.

Everyone tells Billie that Ford came over and was really drunk and he just passed out on the couch. That seems to satisfy Billlie for the time being. His parents are apparently quite worried about him.

Stefano goes to visit EJ and shows him a stack of threatening letters. They're all from some mystery woman. EJ asks him what he intends to do and he says that he will take care of things before the woman ruins the DiMera family.

Lucas flips out because the person at the shipping company didn't check for ID. Of course Sami hears him as she comes in and demands to know what was really in the package. He says it was a check and then bows to the pressure and admits that he had his gun in the box but definitely didn't shoot it - he didn't even leave the apartment the night of the wedding. He says that EJ has the gun and they go to get it back from him.

EJ says that he's not interested in giving the gun back and they get into quite an argument over it. He says that Bo is on his way over and just as Lucas finally wrestles the box away from EJ, Bo pops into the apartment. Lucas goes home to take care of some things and Sami assures Bo that Lucas didn't shoot EJ. Bo surprises her by telling her that Lucas hired a nanny during the time that EJ was shot.

Oh, Lucas. You could be up a creek without much of a paddle. After he and Sami argue over the nanny lie, he makes a mystery phone call saying that Bo has taken his passport and the package and he doesn't know how much longer he can hold him off.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on December 17, 2007 9:38 PM
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