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Days of Our Lives: Belle has a Great Explanation

At the high school reunion, Shawn confronts Belle after Chloe tells him that she saw Belle with Philip at the hotel. This happens just as Belle and Shawn wins an award for best relationship, making it from high school all the way to the altar. Later, they talk about what happened and she admits that she and Philip planted the gun. Shawn wants to call Bo to tell him everything but Philip talks him out of it.

Philip has a one-on-one with Cynthia and they catch up. She says that it's clear he is still hot for Belle.

Lucas and Billie have their own argument about whether Lucas was at the church the night of the shooting. Lucas says he has every motive to have EJ shot but he didn't shoot EJ. He assures her that he wasn't the shooter even if he was at the church and she takes off, reassured.

EJ and Sami have it out over whether he can trust her or not. He points out that she only realized her feelings after he was shot and asks what kind of marriage she wants to have. She admits that she and Lucas go back a long way and he says that she made a choice and she has to live with her choice - and that they both have adjustments to make. He can even turn the apartment into a baby palace if necessary. She says she has to go home and he says that she already is home. Well, the home where her stuff is at the moment is what she meant. Just before they can kiss Lucas arrives and she excuses herself to go and talk with him.

Patch tells Lucas what happened with his car and he says they all think they know who did it. They think it was clearly the DiMera family targeting them again. Bo points out that's not necessarily the case - the brake job was extremely amateurish.

EJ listens as Lucas talks about getting a package from the delivery warehouse and then calls and pretends to be Lucas.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on December 12, 2007 4:05 PM
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