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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Anniversary Mayhem

Philip and Chloe mess around long enough for him to say that they're making a mistake. She tells him she isn't serious with him and just wants to have a good time. The good times continue. He then shows her to the door. He tells one of his staff to do some investigating and it turns out that she is being investigated in the case of Brady Black's dissapearance. He calls her later and tells her he's sorry for being rude and wants to make it up to her - he'll take her out for drinks.

Shawn and Belle have a nice time at Chez Rouge at the anniversary party. Belle can't believe she hasn't been thrown out of the family - yet. Shawn wishes her a merry Christmas.

Sami and Lucas talk about how this will be the twins' first Christmas and Lucas says that he's not going to be around because he is going to Switzerland to see Will. Sami says that Will can come instead and Lucas insists that Will won't come. Sami gets suspicious and she gets it out of him that he is leaving the country because of the gun problem - and yells at him for even considering getting a fake passport.

Bo and Hope are surprised by the wonderful evening planned by Shawn and Belle.

EJ goes to Saint Luke's to see Tony. They talk about Sami and how he has given her everything but she still isn't interested. Tony tells him that he has to fully give her his heart. After Tony leaves EJ prays to G-d that he be given a second chance with Sami - and if he is given it he will prove what a changed man he is.

Chloe goes to the anniversary and of course wants to talk to Belle. She drags her into the bathroom and Belle asks what is going on with Philip. Chloe tells her that Philip still loves her and always will. He will throw himself at her feet if she wills it. After they leave, of course, we see Hope coming out of a stall. Nice going, Hope.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on December 24, 2007 7:23 PM
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