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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Woman in Black

There are Bradys aplenty in the pub, discussing the prospects of Sami marrying EJ that night. Roman is of course pleased that his daughter is marrying the man who raped her. I'm kidding. He's completely furious and it takes Patch of all people to calm him down. Roman say she should just shoot EJ and end this.

Lucas spends time with the babies and can't believe that he has to watch them while his former wife is marrying EJ. Sami has decided to wear black - she feels like she is going to a funeral. Lucas tells her that if she marries EJ their future is going to be over forever. Way to be encouraging, Lucas. Will comes in and says he can't believe that his mother is really doing this and has a tantrum. Lucas asks her again not to go through with things and she puts her wedding ring on the table and leaves.

Kate goes into see Stefano and EJ and points a gun at them, saying that they betrayed her. Great communication skills. I'm betting she did not get that out of "How To Win Friends and Influence People." EJ tells her that Lucas told him that she had admitted everything. Oh yes, he was tricked. They manage to calm her down and even take the bullets out of her gun before giving it back. After EJ leaves Stefano encourages Kate to give her son sympathy.

Kate goes to see Lucas and asks what she can do to make things up to him and he tells her that if she stops the wedding he will forgive her. Nice setup.

Sami enters the church and lights a candle to have a nice little talk with the Almighty. She wonders if she is doing the right thing and the spirit of Colleen comes around to tell her that she knows what she is doing but should ask herself why. They have the same argument as yesterday and EJ comes in and wonders why she is talking to herself. He points out that Spanish brides wear black to show their devotion and she is relieved that Salem is not in Spain.

The entire Brady clan come to talk Sami out of marrying EJ but fail to do so. Meanwhile, Lucas leaves the apartment and has a babysitter stay in his place. The Bradys leave the church and head over to the pub where Roman makes suspicious threats. Bo asks him for his gun, because he obviously only has one gun. Ayup - once he leaves he manages to get another gun out from under his pants leg. Just like the Biff Tannen's great-great grandfather in Back to the Future III. I went there.

As the wedding starts, there is a woman in the back wearing black. EJ asks Stefano about her and Stefano says they're in churches all over Italy but soon she is gone. As Sami goes down the aisle she walks past said woman, who is putting a black glove on her hand. Before they show Sami at the altar, they show a bunch of guns from different angles. I wonder what's going to happen.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 8, 2007 4:01 PM
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