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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Will To Live

Not much to report today. In the campus rapist case, it seems that the only way to prove Ford did it is to have Cordy testify against him. Naturally, she is quite reticent to do it. Unfortunately, she is ultimately not convinced that she has to testify for the good of all the people that were taken advantage of and have no voice, so to speak. If only there were someone else that could testify - someone like Stephanie? She keeps having memories of being with someone - most likely Ford. I wonder if Cordy will ever testify?

Kayla and Steve get into a little argument over where he was the night of the shooting. He tells her that he was at an auto parts store and Kayla says Bo will want proof. He swears that he had nothing to do with the shooting but then has a flashback to the shooting and his putting a gun away in his coat.

Sami and EJ have what seems to be an endless discussion about their relationship. EJ keeps telling her that there is no point going on since he is paralyzed and she may as well have the marriage annulled and go back to Lucas. Not too surprisingly, she says she wants to stay with him and raise their son together - and that he has to be strong for the sake of his son. She tells him how she held him in her arms after he was shot. He says that he has nothing to offer her, so she should be with Lucas. He says in general he has nothing to live for and Sami reminds him they have a son. He says blah, blah, be with Lucas.

After Sami leaves, having thrown the photo of their son at EJ, Stefano comes in and demands to know why Sami said that he turned her away. EJ remembers dancing with Sami and is sad that he won't ever dance again.

Lucas and Kate have yet another argument, this one centered around whether or not Kate shot EJ. She insists that she didn't shoot him and she gave the gun to Philip. She also tells him that if he is the one that shot EJ, she can cover up for him like when he shot Franco Kelly. After the argument goes on seemingly forevermore, Sami comes in feeling less than cheerful. She tells him that EJ is dying. He couldn't care less. The unnamed baby cries and he goes to see what is going on and as Sami sits on the couch she sees Colleen. I bet Ali just loves doing that accent. Colleen tells her that she has to give EJ a reason to live.

EJ starts having some strange convulsions and Doctor Berman calls for a crash cart.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 14, 2007 9:16 PM
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