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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Stefano Way

Belle and Lucas are hanging out at Lucas' apartment, talking about the twins and how wonderful they are. Lucas takes every opportunity to have a go at Sami and what she is doing. Belle manages to find something about which she can complain - her mobile phone. Lucas asks why she isn't spending time with her new husband. She says that they aren't tied together and they had a nice honeymoon at home. Lucas tells her that Shawn would be quite unhappy if he were in Lucas' situation - another man having his way with his wife. Hmm, it seems that there's something to that - oh yeah, Philip.

Belle and Lucas talk about Sami's feelings for EJ and Lucas says that she must at least care about him. He suspects something is going on and Belle tells him that he shouldn't give up. Lucas tells her that he will protect his children from all the DiMeras including Sami. After a long discussion she concludes by reminding him that this is just as hard on Sami as it is on him.

Philip visits Shawn at the pub and says that he is backing off from Belle and that Shawn has 'won', so to speak. He reminds Shawn that they used to be good friends and Shawn says those days are clearly over.

Later, Philip meets up with Belle and tells her that he has some evidence that will make Shawn look like a hero - all he wants is a night with her alone.

Marlena insists to Bo that she was babysitting Claire and was not at the wedding of Sami and EJ. Bo tells her about the woman in black and Marlena wonders why it is assumed it is her. The examination goes less than well and they leave. Bo admits that he was just trying to get her so upset that she would want to get rid of the evidence - and then he would catch her doing it.

A little later, Marlena puts a pistol in a trash bag and starts to take it outside and finds Hope there, asking if she can help with the trash. She tells her about Bo suspecting that she would try to get rid of the evidence. Marlena says she is not sorry for what she did. She explains that she took the gun to the church but was so nervous that her aim was poor to begin with, and when the first gunshot went off it startled her and she pulled the trigger of her own gun.

Roman tells Bo that a shack was found two miles from the church. They get to the scene where somewhow Shawn manages to make a mess of things. Apparently, he managed to ruin a perfectly good footprint. They must not like the footprints they make themselves.

EJ and Sami argue about Stefano wanting to see baby Johnny. When Stefano comes to visit he asks for photos of Johnny and Sami says she has none and the talk goes to the DiMera tradition and how now is not the time to discuss it. After Stefano leaves she tells him that she is not giving the DiMeras her son to raise.

Sami goes to Lucas' and asks if he still loves her and he tells her that he does. She goes to see the babies in the nursery.

Stefano finds EJ again and tells him he let him down and if he can't handle Sami, he will do it himself - the Stefano way.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 27, 2007 8:25 PM
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