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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Quickie Divorce

There's a crazy party going on at the sorority house. You'd think that once in awhile, someone might think to attend a class. I guess that just wouldn't make for good daytime drama. Then again, this party isn't making that happen, either. Morgan and Max get their flirt on and Chelsea and Stephanie discuss Stephanie's super jealousy. Max tells one and all that his costume is that of a bartender. Not much of a stretch. Cordy hides from sight and everyone tries to get her to open up to them.

Max and Stephanie debate a little about Morgan and why Max wasn't completely honest with Morgan about the fact that he would be working with Stephanie. He tells her that Morgan is worried about his past with Stephanie but he has assured her that they have moved on, so to speak. No details about the cave spelunking, of course. After Max takes off Stephanie groans about how she lost one of the good guys.

Ford gets increasingly drunk and decides to leave and Morgan tells him he can't drive in his condition. Meanwhile, Cordy's parents come to pick her up and Stephanie and Chelsea try to find out the real reason she is leaving. After Ford finally leaves they get the answer out of her - that's right, Ford raped her.

Sami and Lucas enjoy Santo Domingo but they know that this isn't exactly a trip to Fantasy Island. Well, it could be, if your idea of a fantasy is getting a quickie divorce from the person with whom you wanted to spend the rest of your life. There's plenty of hesitation when it comes to signing the papers, believe you mean. It wouldn't be Days if there were no hesitation. He tells Sami about how he wants to kill EJ with his bare hands. (Sami does not object on the grounds that he has human hands.) She tells him he cannot kill EJ and says that life on death row is a stinker. Finally, the papers are signed.

Kate happens to be the person to tell EJ there is good news for him about the DNA results of the twins. It turns out that he is John Roman Horton's biological father. Does that make him John Roman DiMera? I never thought I'd see those three names together as one. Maybe that's what they meant about the union of souls ending the vendetta. EJ is quite thrilled and says that this will surely be the thing to tie him to Sami forever.

EJ goes back to the DiMera mansion and tells Stefano the good news. Stefano says that he will be the boy's mentor. When Kate comes over and tells them that the twins are being sat by Steve and Kayla Stefano reacts in a completely rational manner. I'm kidding, of course. He yells about Steve being insane. It's like letting the air out of your tires and then complaining that your car won't drive anywhere anymore.

Just as Lucas goes to get some massage oil, a note comes under the door and Sami gets it. Just like the old days of notes under the door. It's from EJ - can you guess what it says? Nothing! Notes don't talk. The message written on the note is that the DNA test has proven that EJ is the father of little John. She quickly hides the note as Lucas comes back and encourages her to think about happy places and times.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 1, 2007 3:04 PM
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