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Days of Our Lives: The Pregnancy Test

Stephanie looks at a pregnancy test that she just bought and has a good cry as Kayla sits next to her. She explains that she is late and is worried that things may have gone further with the random guy than she let on. Why they just leave the box on the couch, I have no idea - you'd think they want to get caught. Naturally, not too long after Steve gets home, he finds the box for the test and wonders why Stephanie has the test.

Kayla says that it's her test and she was wondering if she were pregnant. Naturally, Stephanie has to ruin things by bringing out the test and showing it to Kayla.

Philip manages to insult a slutty barfly within five minutes of meeting her. Max approaches and they talk about Belle. Morgan comes in to show off a poster they made of Ford that has the word "Rapist" written across him. It was apparently Chelsea's idea. They discuss the possibility of a libel lawsuit. Morgan invites Max to a Thanksgiving meal with her parents and Max says he will be with his family. After Morgan leaves Philip goes on complaining about things not working out with Belle.

Hope has set the house up for a wedding and Belle tells her that she doesn't feel like she deserves it. Hope says she knows that Shawn wants to be with her forever but needs to know if Belle feels the same way. Belle wonders if perhaps Hope just doesn't want her to marry Shawn. Hope says she just wants what is best for Shawn.

Lucas and Sami have a gargantuan argument about Will and how he is now en route to Zurich. He tells her that she spends far more time with EJ than with her family and shows her a note that Will wrote to her - it says he wants his family back but he doesn't think it will ever happen. Optimist, that boy. More arguing between Sami and Lucas. Then some more. It gets even worse when he tells her about filing for sole custody. That's not unpleasant at all.

Belle calls Philip and says that she needs to see him and he tells her to meet him in his office. Hopefully it won't be that kind of meeting - where the windows steam up.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 20, 2007 3:15 PM
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