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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Fragile Truce

Apparently Bo spent the night in the church - not praying, investigating. No snuggles for Hope that night, I guess. They discuss whether EJ's shooting was a Brady conspiracy and Hope points out how many people in the family wanted EJ dead. Did Roman do it? Hope says it's impossible and Bo points out that Lucas was acting suspiciously. It certainly doesn't help matters that he has loudly proclaimed that if EJ were to end up dead, he could be considered the prime suspect.

Stefano point blank tells Roman that if EJ dies, the Bradys will be tormented forevermore. Roman tells Stefano that he absolutely did not shoot EJ. Well, I guess that settles it. He said that he didn't do it. Doctor Berman comes in and tells them that unfortunately, there was a bullet lodged in EJ's spine and consequentially, he will be paralyzed from the waist down. Unfortunately this means that one of EJ's favorite players has been suspended from the team, so to speak.

EJ comes to and asks for Sami but his father answers instead. I know I'd be a little let down. Stefano is a lot less blond and much beardier.

Lucas tells Sami that he's glad that she's home again. Don't worry, she'll be leaving soon enough. He tells her that he will protect them against Stefano if EJ dies. They discuss what Lucas did during the wedding and how he was at the apartment all night. Lucas tells her that she should get an annulment and they can remarry. That won't happen, she says, until the violence ends - and tells him how one of the bullets was meant for her. Sami gets a call from Stefano telling her that EJ has been asking for her. He gives her their wedding band and asks her to keep it forever.

Stefano tells EJ that he is paralyzed and things are not looking particularly good in that department - and that Sami doesn't know yet but she is on her way.

Philip asks Kate why she had a gun and what its purpose was. She says that it was for self protection and had nothing to do with EJ getting shot. She explains about how Stefano helped her when Mythic was having financial problems and Philip asks why there is residue of gun powder on the handle. She says she took it out to the woods to test it out. Good thing she didn't hit the infamous bear that is often mentioned as doing something in those woods. Philip gives the gun back to her. She admits that she was aiming at Sami at one point - not EJ. I suppose that's why Sami had a bullet hole in her dress. Kate tells Philip that if Stefano thinks she was linked to the shooting, he will have her killed and she implores him to please dispose of it and he agrees to do so.

Roman meets up with Bo and Hope and they discuss how Kate is a target. Bo tells him that he should approach her as a friend and offer to let her stay in his place and then secretly spy on her. That hasn't been done to death in soap operas.

Sami meets up with Stefano at the hospital where he tells her that she will be by her husband's side for the rest of her life and she thinks of her wedding. He tells her that their truce is just about as fragile as her children. We end with Sami going into EJ's room.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 13, 2007 7:26 PM
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