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Days of Our Lives: The Disappearing Act

The good news is that the ladies of the sorority manage to have started putting up the poster of Ford as 'rapist' all over campus. The bad news is that Cordy is now played by someone else. That's actually not the bad news. The real bad news is that after discussing it with both Adrienne and Billie, Chelsea gets confronted by Ford himself about the posters that they have put all over the campus.

He tells the sorority that he's going to sue them for libel. Adrienne kicks him out of the Cheatin' Heart. He says that he's not interested in leaving and after Chelsea gives him a nice punch he asks for everyone to admit they saw what happened so of course everyone says they saw nothing.

Stephanie hides the pregnancy test from her father and gives it over to Kayla. They discuss how school is really stressing her out and how she wants to speak with Kayla alone. It turns out that the test says that Stephanie is not pregnant - of course, tests have been wrong before. She says that she has taken an HIV test but will take another one in six months.

After Stephanie leaves Steve asks Kayla why she lied about the pregnancy test and they discuss it but Kayla swears him to secrecy as she doesn't want Stephanie to mistrust her.

Shawn and Hope discuss how he's finally getting married and she says that she's so happy for him. It's then Bo and Hope that are talking about Shawn getting married but now Bo can't help but wonder why Hope told Kayla about what happened with Philip. Wow, that's a lot of names.

Philip and Belle talk about how she is worried about marrying Shawn considering everything that has happened and this leads to a really long conversation about what Belle's relationship is with Philip. Snorefest 2007, anyone? Sometime into their neverending discussion, Shawn calls and tells Philip not to come to the wedding. When Philip gets off the phone Belle manages to have disappeared.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 21, 2007 6:00 PM
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