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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Awkwardness

Philip, believe it or not, is actually at work. Did you even remember that he had a job? One of the receptionists must have called to tell him that the desk was about to break from the weight of the stacked papers. Kate comes to disrupt this scheduled work time to ask about life and he tells her that Belle and Shawn shouldn't be together. He doesn't tell her about the sex but says he knows that Belle is right for him. Kate tells him he should let her go.

Shawn gets a less than enthusiastic reaction from Bo and Hope at first but they congratulate the happy couple and Bo takes Shawn to get a drink. Hope, meanwhile, wonders how this could have happened so quickly and Belle tells her that it was Shawn's idea. She assures Hope that she will make Shawn happier than happy can be and is shocked when Hope tells her that Bo knows about what happened. Apparently, keeping secrets is not good for relationships. Belle promises that she will never betray Shawn again.

Bo wonders if Shawn really does want to get married or if this is not the best time and Shawn wonders if Bo has something else on his mind. Bo just tells him that this isn't the time to get married. A little later, Bo and Hope discuss what they each had to say and Bo wonders if Belle can be trusted.

Sami and Lucas tell EJ that the wedding is too soon and he tells them that his father isn't doing so well and that the wedding has to be the following day. Didn't he say that yesterday? No, it's still yesterday. Oh, how DOOL time works. Lucas gets frantic and takes off and EJ asks Sami to get little John, and so she does. She asks that he not hold him. He agrees that John can stay with his yet unnamed sister for the night but you know what tomorrow brings.

Lucas goes to see Stefano about what happened to Kate and he says that he has no idea what he's talking about. He goes straight to see Kate and accuses her of faking the attack. When she denies it he calls EJ and tells her that Kate admitted everything and he says it was her idea and Lucas hangs up. Nice work there, Lucas. Lucas somehow manages to tell Kate she's not his mother anymore, yet again.

Sami wonders what EJ is talking about and he says Lucas is being strange. After EJ leaves Sami gets a nice imaginary visit from Colleen who tells her that she is just getting what she really wanted. They somehow manage to have an argument, even though she's pretty much imaginary.

EJ goes to see Stefano, who tells him that he is proud of him for giving his grandfather's soul rest - but now the future of the DiMera family lies with him and his son.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 7, 2007 6:14 PM
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