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Days of Our Lives: Thanksgiving Wedding

Aw - Marlena puts Belle and Shawn's purity rings on a necklace and puts it around her neck. Alas, it's not quite the purity it once used to be. Marlena says that the necklace symbolizes the commitment she has for Shawn. So it pretty much means squat. Belle gets a phone call from Philip but she says that it as Mimi. She excuses herself and quickly gets Philip off the phone. Hope figures out it wasn't Mimi just as quickly.

Lucas announces that his baby girl's name is Alice Caroline Horton. Of course, he made the decision to name her this without consulting with the person who gave half of the DNA to the baby. Sami says that she loves the name but he shouldn't have named the baby without her.

Philip is at the bar having drinks and Billie asks him why he is once again drowning his sorrows. He blathers about Belle and how he sent a nice reminder to her via a present.

Shawn is presented with a watch with a note from Victor - a nice watch, actually. Victor wishes him well. Of course, is the watch really from Victor? Naturally, as Belle sees him standing at the altar wearing the watch, she remembers that it was Philip that was wearing it before they had crazy sex. The time comes for them to recite their vows and Belle stops everything when she thinks about the watch and what it means but then it thankfully continues.

It continues and then Father Kelly makes it official. Things soon head over to the pub where Philip doesn't want to see them. Belle takes the watch off Shawn, saying she doesn't want to think about time as she doesn't want the day to end.

Ford pays a visit to Stephanie who does not appreciate his visit. He tells her that she will be sorry if the posters do not come down.

Stefano gets a visit from Marlena. They have a nice long conversation which leads to Marlena suspecting that the entire thing with EJ and Sami was just a way to get them back together. This is due to the fact that Stefano says he will let Sami have her freedom if they get together. She refuses and leaves. He yells at the door that he is not finished with her and mysteriously calls the door Marlena. I think the door has a bit more of a wooden performance.

Hope finds Belle's phone and notices there is a voice mail message and forces herself to listen to it - it's from Philip, of course. He tells her that she can't let him go and never will. Nice message, dude.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 23, 2007 3:17 PM
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How did you miss the comment about Alice Horton spending the Holidays with Jack and Jen? Are we REALLY supposed to believe that decrepit old lady got on a plane and flew to ENGLAND???
What was Stephano doing with that baby carraige just before Marlena arrived? The next scene had Lucas and Sammi holding the twins at the pub. Maybe Stephano wheels around the Dimera cat.
How about the fact that Bo, Sean, and Caroline all missed the wedding because of INDIGESTION???
Finally: I don't think it was Fr. Kelly conducting the wedding ceremony because Belle and ShawnD are both Divorced, thus BANNED from remarrying in the Catholic Church. HAHAHA that's why they had to have that pathetic ceremony at his mom's house. It was probably the REAL reason his grandparents boycotted the ceremony.

-- Posted by: Patty at November 26, 2007 8:22 PM

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