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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Shot in the Back - Someone Gave Love a Bad Name

Shawn and Bo discuss how Sami is really marrying EJ and how they aren't really happy about it. Shawn gets Bo some coffee but forgets the sugar.

Philip decides that today, staying away from Belle means that he is going to give Claire a present. Belle tries to get him to leave but he isn't interested in leaving. He says he's not interested in being her friend - he wants more than that. Naturally, Claire manages to get a big pot of coffee dropped on her. I have no idea how it happened but it did. They rush her to the hospital and the good news is that she wasn't burned too badly.

As the wedding ceremony begins, guns aplenty aim. Sami nearly doesn't say "I do" but she then does. When EJ goes to kiss her there are three lout gunshots and EJ falls over. He looks at Sami.

An officer tells Bo that there was a shooting at the church and Bo and Shawn rush off.

A police officer asks Father Kelley about the shooting and he says there were definitely three shots and he describes them. I just can't believe that they didn't require everyone to go through a metal detector before entering the church. I guess that would have made too much sense.

EJ tells the paramedics that he can't feel his legs. I'm guessing that this means he is going to be paralyzed. Sami tells Stefano that clearly the vendetta is now over and Stefano says he's not so sure this is the case. He tells her that she has to give him the will to live and says he will see her at the hospital. Bo asks her if she wants to go to her grandparents and she says she has to get to the hospital. She can't believe that the vendetta might start up again because of the actions of a Brady.

One of the officers shows Bo that there were definitely three shots from three locations. Bo thinks that the shooters were probably amateurs.

Billie goes to see Lucas, who tells her about EJ getting shot. He says that he had to go and see the wedding but after he heard the three shots, he had to get out so that nobody would suspect him. She says that he doesn't even have a gun and of course, we know that he actually does - he just keeps it in a drawer. She tells him that he should tell Bo the truth.

Curiously, Steve also has a gun and he hides it in the pub. He tells Caroline that he is getting himself a beer and that someone shot EJ.

At the hospital, EJ tells Sami that she wants her to love her son the way that he would have loved her son. Stefano tells him that he isn't going to lose either him or his son. After they take him out for surgery, Stefano tells Sami that if EJ dies the vendetta will go on forever. She says that he promised otherwise and he says this is his promise now. (He doesn't tell her that she should pray that he not change his mind again - who can tell us what movie had that line?)

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 9, 2007 6:22 PM
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