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Days of Our Lives: Sami Was a Target, Too

Belle and Philip manage to have yet another argument. This time it's about how Philip seems to use Claire to get closer to Belle. You'd think they were totally oblivious that there was just a shooting at Sami's wedding the way they are so focused on their own lives.

Bo confronts Lucas about the shooting - where was he? Lucas wonders if Bo thinks he shot EJ, as though he were someone who never made any threats to EJ - loudly and in public. Lucas tells Bo that he was in his apartment the whole time. They discuss everything and nothing in particular and after Bo leaves Lucas inexplicably has a nice long look at the gun he has in the drawer.

Kate tells a painting of Stefano that she didn't shoot EJ. Honest. I guess she was practicing for when she would tell Stefano in person.

At the hospital, Sami and Stefano argue over whether Sami is trying to take the reigns in her marriage to EJ. She says that the shooting had nothing to do with her and he points out that she wore black and perhaps it was because she knew something like that was going to happen. Stefano says that the shooter was most likely Roman because a father will do anything to protect his family. Stefano leaves and tells Sami that EJ had better survive.

Roman thinks back to the shooting but does not recollect his being involved in the actual shooting of a gun. Abe questions him about the shooting and he tells Abe that he wasn't at the wedding and besides, Bo had his gun. Abe does not suspect that a person might possibly have another gun. Someone from forensics asks Abe if there were three exit wounds to match the three bullet casings that were fired. There were not, in fact, three exit wounds. Roman, meanwhile, thinks about how he definitely aimed at EJ. Aimed, but did not fire at him.

Sami and Lucas manage to have a seemingly never-ending argument about whether or not the vendetta is over. Lucas is apparently a little slow in connecting the fact that EJ was shot and the duration of the vendetta. A little later, Lucas puts his neatly-wrapped gun in a cardboard box and gives it to a delivery man who is confused as to why he is sending himself a package. He tells the guy that it is a prank.

Bo finds Kate at the hospital and they discuss her owning a gun and threatening Stefano and EJ, and how apparently that makes her a suspect in EJ's shooting. Bo tells her not to even think about leaving Salem.

Roman tells Sami that he definitely didn't shoot EJ. He can't help but noticing something is wrong with her dress and finds that there is, in fact, a bullet hole in it. He surmises that perhaps she was also a target. Maybe that woman in black was mad that someone else was wearing all black.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 12, 2007 9:17 PM
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