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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Quite a Confrontation

Chelsea and Nick show Bo and Patch the photographs they took but the sad news ultimately is that they won't be able to use the photos due to the way that the photographs were obtained. Patch and Bo decide that they're going to visit vile Ford and rough him up a little, telling him that if he even comes near their girls he is going to regret it as he is going to leave them without a very important part of his anatomy. You can probably guess what part that is.

Chloe continues talking to Belle as she insists that she has to get going and she asks what Philip has been up to - he is one of the reasons that she has returned to Salem. Guess who chooses this opportunity to exit his hotel suite thanks to a phone call from his mothe? That's right, Philip. Philip is stunned to see Chloe but what confused me was that Chloe immediately recognized Philip. Remember when Philip was meeting up with Willow outside of Chez Rouge and Abby had no idea who he was because of the surgery? How in the world can Chloe possibly know it's him? Seriously. Belle leaves and Philip tells Chloe that he will be in touch.

Belle comes home to Shawn to find him dressed as a police officer. There is a gratuitous scene of naughtiness but let's just say that handcuffs are involved.

Philip invites Chloe out for a drink. She tells him that she and Brady are divorced now and that her career went into shambles so she is not just in Salem for the reunion - she has actually moved back. She is glad that her first night back isn't going to be alone.

Kate gets Philip to come to the police station. He tells her to say nothing to the police and that he will take care of things. She assures him that she will drag him down with her if it is necessary. When Kate and Roman are alone she tells him that she didn't mean for the gun to go off and she desperately needs him to somehow get rid of the gun. He says that he can't do that but he will do whatever he can to help her. An officer shows Roman the infamous ballistics report and mentions that there is a match to Marlena Evans. Roman tells him not to use that name and says he will take matters from there. Of course, Kate sees it all.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 30, 2007 6:46 PM
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