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Days of Our Lives: Pointless Conversations

Many sadly pointless conversations are had in today's episode, starting with Hope and Kayla, who talk about Sami and Lucas and how things are going with them. Ah, and yes, Hope tells Kayla that Belle slept with Philip. She tells her that she intends on telling Bo because they don't (usually) keep any secrets from one another.

Philip and Belle have an entirely pointless conversation about where their relationship is going. Clearly Belle didn't quite get the part of "stay away from Philip" that Hope was so trying to impress upon her. He soon finds out about the promise that Belle made to Hope and says that she has to forget about that. He's not convinced that she wants Shawn and asks her to say as much and so she says that she wants Shawn.

Shawn has a pretty pointless conversation with the commander of the police academy. Thanks to the writer of the letter, whoever that is, Shawn isn't allowed to go to the academy. On the plus side, they might just reconsider in January. On the minus side, they might just mean January in DOOL time, which could be months from now. Apparently it might be good for Shawn to do some menial work at the station and Shawn resents the idea but he doesn't say as much to the commander - just Bo. That's right, another pointless conversation.

Shawn tells Bo that he wants to tear Philip into pieces for what he did and Bo tells him that he will never get into the academy if he does that. Bo goes and tells Hope and Kayla about the letter that cost Shawn the tenure at the academy, at least until January. This is exactly when Hope chooses to tell him about Philip sleeping with Belle. Naturally, Bo flips out. There's even a bit of teeth gritting.

Belle keeps trying to get Philip to leave and Shawn makes an appearance. Shawn starts arguing with him about the letter that he wrote and how it ruined his chances at the academy. Just as Shawn is getting ready to really sock it to Philip, Belle says that she was the one that wrote the letter. Ouch.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 5, 2007 9:41 PM
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