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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Never Forget Who You Are

Philip jumps into Belle's car. Fortunately, she's not driving it at the time. He tells her he's upset she has been ignoring her calls and thinks it means she's afraid of what could be. She says she's going to marry Shawn the following day. Not Tuesday. The following DOOL day. Who knows when that will be? She tells him to leave and that she has no real feelings for him. His phone rings but as he is too busy, he ignores it. He tells her to marry Shawn only if she doesn't think of him when she lays next to Shawn. He leaves and asks her to call him when she realizes that she loves him.

Roman grills Kate about a gun they have found and then reads her rights. Kate of course threatens to sue. She says that she didn't shoot EJ and Roman asks her to turn over her weapon if that's the case. She admits that she gave the gun to Philip and he tells her to get Philip over there.

Philip and Kate meet up and they of course argue about what Kate told the police.

Bo tells Patch to give him the gun that was under the bar. Shawn comes out and admits that he is the one that found it. Bo then asks Steve if he is the one that shot EJ. If he didn't shoot EJ, why did he go through the trouble of hiding the gun?

Patch says that he was at the auto store and Bo says he can ask for the surveillance tapes and so Patch admits he was intending to shoot EJ but did not. The fact that EJ is not dead should prove it as he is a good shot. A little later, Bo finds Roman and tells him about the gun in the pub and Roman tells him that actually, the gun was his and Steve was lying to protect him.

Philip comes in and they argue over where Kate's gun is and he tells them they can get a warrant if they want to search his home. After he leaves Bo says he will slap him one day. Go on, girl. They discuss the shooting and how they have to find the shooters before Stefano finds them.

Belle and Shawn meet up at the pub where Shawn tells her about what a fun and exciting day it was. They talk about getting married.

Sami tells EJ that she wants him to get better and he doesn't believe it, so she kisses him. They discuss her feelings for him and how both Sami and their son need him. He tells her that after the night that Lucas had the beam on him, he never thought she would ever forgive him and wonders if she has. She says that it's in the past and he is a different man now - and he has to fight for his life. She tells him that she has to get back to the kids and then goes and tells Stefano she feels sick. He asks what happened and she tells him that she gave EJ the will to live and he says he is grateful.

Stefano goes in to see EJ. EJ tells him how Sami admitted to having feelings for him. They discuss how little Johnny will be raised and Stefano says that he will be raised a DiMera - he is one of them and they should never forget who they are.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 19, 2007 2:36 PM
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