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Days of Our Lives: Nervous About Getting Married?

Kate and Bo talk about the gun and how she claims that she threw it in a dumpster - he tells her that all dumpsters in a fifteen mile radius were checked and nothing of the sort was found. Bo asks her once again where the gun is.

Caroline asks Shawn if he's nervous about getting married and he says he feels quite lucky. They go to look at some party goods and Patch sneaks in to find his gun and Shawn catches him in the act. He says that he's there to get himself a drink but then remembers that he is going to drive. After he leaves he makes a phone call and tells the person that he wasn't able to get it but he will try again later.

Bo and Kate continue their arguing and has someone take her to get a statement. Roman tells Bo that he will search her apartment and Bo receives a call from Shawn who wants to meet him at the pub. He gets there and really socks it to him for leaving without warning and Shawn tells him about how Patch was acting suspiciously. Then he shows him the gun that was hidden under the counter. A little later, Steve comes back for the gun and Bo surprises him, wondering why he is there yet again.

Lucas tells Billie how Sami is with EJ but he wants to die so it sort of balances out. They agree that enduring a traumatic experience creates a bond between people. Or a connection, if you'd rather say that. He tells her that he needs a good lawyer because he wants singular parental rights to his yet unnamed daughter. He admits that he doesn't trust her anymore. Billie suggests this may not be the best option.

Soon there is a police officer there who has brought Will back since he was drinking with some friends. Will tells him he wants to live with Carrie and Austin. It's not long before he's on the phone making arrangements. How wonderfully convenient.

EJ and Sami have a long conversation about how he doesn't want to live and how it is imperative that he lives for the sake of their son. He wonders if he has a chance with her and she says that she wouldn't fall in love with someone who feels sorry for himself. They have that same lame argument about his feeling useless and telling her to go back to Lucas. She gets in bed with him and says that if he wants to die he can do it in her arms. Aww.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 16, 2007 6:06 PM
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