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Days of Our Lives: Marlena Schools Belle

The college group - Chelsea, Nick, et al - talk about how they can possibly get Ford, especially now that he has personally threatened Stephanie. Chelsea says they have to stop him from his rape rampage. After Stephanie and Cordy take off, Chelsea tells Nick that she wants to do something special tonight - only it might be illegal. That's right, breaking into Ford's room. Nick is reluctant but then is so into it that he wants to get sandwiches.

Bo tells Shawn that he has to own up to his mistakes when he is a police officer. One day at a time, Bo, one day at a time - and baby steps. Especially for Shawn. Shawn says the commanding officer overreacted and Bo says that's not important. He blames it on how he didn't get into the academy thanks to Belle, uh, Philip's letter. Oops.

Shawn admits it was Belle that wrote the letter. Roman comes and tells them that Shawn is needed at the bar and after he leaves tells Bo that they need to help Shawn. Bo tells him they can't because it will look bad if people find out they are protecting Shawn. The commanding officer comes and tells them that some shell casings were found. Why can't people learn to pick up after themselves? There is an icky mattress that they discuss analyzing.

Marlena and Belle talk about life and if Belle is happy and it comes out that Hope talked to Marlena about things. Belle tries to deny sleeping with Philip but then slips up and it becomes obvious that she did. Marlena tells her that she has to remove Philip from her life forever. I wonder where we've heard that one before. Belle says that Philip is a take charge kind of person whereas Shawn needs her. Marlena reminds her that she can't have them both.

Belle finds Shawn at the bar and listens to him complain about messing up the crime scene. She blames it all on herself for writing the letter and tells him she needs something from her car and then goes outside and calls Philip, telling him that she will give him what he wants if he can help Shawn. Oh, love.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 28, 2007 2:40 PM
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