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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Gun In The Lake

Chelsea tells Cordy that she has to be brave in the face of everything that has happened and she responds that she doesn't know what she is going through - but then Chelsea tells her about the wicked doctor that took advantage of her. The begging and pleading with Cordy goes on and on. Stephanie briefly makes it seems she also knows what Cordy is going through but then says it was because of what happened to Kayla. Oh, so close. Suddenly, Cordy decides that she is going to testify.

Morgan also is going to testify, so she goes in to the Dean's office with Chelsea and a few others. Unfortunately, it doesn't go so well but Chelsea says they will make sure that everyone knows what Ford did.

Stefano prays for EJ's life and Tony wonders why he thinks he will be heard. Stefano tells him that he needs his help to get EJ to want to live again.

Kate goes to see EJ and apologizes for the way she behaved earlier and assures him that she didn't shoot him. He asks her to get Stefano and when he comes in he tells him that he wants a gun.

Sami has yet another one of those crazy arguments with Colleen. She puts some loud music on to get her to leave and she refuses. Lucas tells her to turn down the music and of course she can't tell him that she has been arguing with Colleen. This is a conversation that goes on and on - between Colleen and Sami. Colleen says Sami should tell EJ that she loves him. Kate calls from the hospital and tells Sami that she has to get there soon because EJ is dying.

Speaking of crazy arguments, Lucas really gets into it with Philip. The long and short of that argument is that Philip convinces Lucas that he tossed the gun into a lake. Since he takes the gun out after they are done talking, we can safely assume he was lying. Sami walks by and says she has some errands to run.

Sami finds EJ in the hospital and he tells her once again that she should go and be with Lucas because he is the one that she loves. Sami surprises him by asking, "What if he's not?"

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 15, 2007 5:34 PM
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