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Days of Our Lives: EJ Calls Lucas Manipulative

Sami goes to see EJ, who cheerfully throws something at her. He tells her that she was the best medicine he could ever hope for. He says that her caring for him has done everything to make him better. She tells him all about how Lucas sent Will to Switzerland and named their daughter without talking to her and they argue over whether Lucas was being manipulative or not. He encourages her to go home and get some rest. (Maybe find a job? Or does the DiMera money save her from needing one?)

Stefano and Bo argue about why nobody has been arrested for EJ's shooting. He says that there is a person that has not even been considered - the woman in black at the back of the sanctuary. Bo says the person was there to mourn for the bride and Stefano says that nobody should have mourning for the bride.

Bo goes into EJ's room and asks to speak with Sami. Outside, he asks Sami if she remembers a woman wearing black and Sami realizes that it must have been her mother.

Hope confronts Marlena about her possible role in EJ's shooting. This somehow leads to them talking about Belle and Shawn and how they got married - and what happened between Belle and Philip. Hope tells Marlena about the message that Philip left on Belle's phone.

Shawn and Belle lay in bed together and talk about how happy they are. As they coo and caw Belle suddenly remembers that she left her phone at Hope's house. She hides his watch so she doesn't have to think about it and later when he asks about it she says she is clueless.

Stefano goes to see EJ and says that he wants to meet his grandson and a little later EJ tells her that perhaps the time has come for their son to see his grandfather and Sami says she doesn't want that to happen.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 26, 2007 2:07 PM
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