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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Belle and Philip Go for an O.N.S.

What comedian, whom I am seeing tonight, am I referring to in the title of today's entry?

Chelsea and Nick break into Ford's room and after Nick nearly chickens out, they find all kinds of interesting evidence, such as a notebook that rates women that Ford has raped. They take photographs of all the evidence they will ever need to get him - including his legal prescription drugs used for drugging women and a mortar and pestal for getting it in nice powder form.

They quickly leave when they hear him coming back to the room, presumably with a woman. Does Ford ever find time to study between all these rape sessions? He finds them later and tells them that they are playing with fire. Well, at least they aren't playing with drugs.

Shawn and Belle have a nice conversation which is ruined by the phone ringing - Belle says it's Marlena but it's really Philip. He tells her that if he goes into the alley by their apartment it will all fall into place. Shawn takes out the trash and ends up taking out another kind of trash - two people who he overhears talking about a gun that one is trying to sell to the other. The one says that it was found in a car near Titan Enterprises and the other refuses to buy it. Good thing Shawn jumps out and wrestles the gun from the guy.

After Shawn tells Belle the great news and leaves to get the gun to Bo, Belle calls Philip to thank him. He says he will meet her at a local hotel for their ONS. She meets up with him at the hotel where suddenly Philip is having second thoughts about what he wants to do with her. They start to make out but suddenly he tells her that she is married. He basically pushes her out. Naturally, she has to run into someone that we haven't seen in a really long time - Chloe. She immediately assumes that Belle must be there with Shawn.

Bo and Roman discuss the casings and how they need to find the gun that shot the bullets. In comes Hope carrying the trash bag that has the black dress and gun that Marlena was trying to discard. Bo regrets that he will have to take Marlena in for questioning. Shawn soon shows up with the gun he got. Not a whole lot later, the gun is matched up to a bullet and some prints and it seems that they can make an arrest.

Roman finds Kate and tells her not to say a word as he tells her that she is under arrest for attempted murder and then reads her rights. Can you believe she gets upset about it?

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 29, 2007 2:31 PM
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