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Days of Our Lives: Sami Goes Into Labor

Wow - what an action packed episode. Remember how Patch socked it to Philip because he got a little rude to Kayla? At first he wants to press charges against Patch for attacking him but he eases off him. They goad him as to the real reason he wants to have Tyler / Pocket - is he like some sort of trophy for him? The good news is that the doctors have finally discovered that little Pocket wasn't poisoned at all - he just had some sort of strange genetic disorder that caused chemicals to be produced in the body. How lovely. Meanwhile, the foster parents that took Pocket have already fallen in love with the little guy - how perfectly convenient for everybody. Kayla wonders if Pocket is going to fill the hole in Philip's heart where Claire used to be. Can't he have Claire in his heart even though she's not his daughter?

Bo and Shawn go into a long discussion about Shawn becoming a police officer and how both Bo and Hope are concerned about Shawn's wellbeing. Bo points out how very easily John was taken out and he wasn't even a police officer. Shawn eventually convinces him that he will be okay and just then Commanding offiicer Flynn approaches and asks Bo if he approves of Shawn joining the academy - Bo says he does.

Marlena tells Belle and Sami that it's wonderful that they are offering to move in with her to take care of her but she will be fine, uhm, eventually. They discuss EJ and how Sami thinks that she has power over him.

Belle decides this would be a good time to go to church. She runs into Philip there and he tells her that he is going to give up Tyler. He tells Belle that he loves her and wants her back. Of course, we see Shawn going for the church as well. What a strange coincidence.

Sami and Marlena continue discussing her life plans and of course, this is when she is struck with pain. She tells Marlena that the babies are definitely on their way.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 22, 2007 11:12 PM
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