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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: No Tricks Or Treats?

Marlena tells Bo and Hope taht she is slowly getting things back together but it will be quite awhile before things return to being remotely normal. It's Salem, so it could never happen. She says she needs some help with a major project - she needs them to convince Sami not to marry EJ. Marlena then says that they might just have to kill EJ if all else fails. They wonder if she is serious and as she describes how easy it is to set up an insanity plea in court they realize she's quite serious.

Lucas tells Sami that things will be so wonderful when they get home and Sami says that they have to go to Santo Domingo to get divorced. Not quite how I would have reacted but I guess that's just me. No need for discussion, either - Sami says they have overtalked it. I never thought I'd hear that said on Days of our Lives.

Belle comes by to visit and Lucas goes to see how the kids are doing. Belle tells Sami that she slept with Philip. Sami presses for details and can't believe they did it in the room over the pub - and that Hope found out. She suggests that Belle stay far away from Philip.

EJ and Kate meet up and EJ assures Kate once again that Lucas won't find out what they are doing. He shoots at her car from a slight distance, which is just the way to do things if you want to make it look like your car has been shot while you are driving. They will surely never figure out that it was rigged to look that way - it couldn't possibly look fake at all. She thinks it would be best to call Roman and tell him not to tell Lucas. Roman soon is there with the police.

Roman notes the fact that the bullet casings should not be right next to the car - and there certainly shouldn't be a bullet hole in the middle of the driver seat. Guess who arrives on the scene next? Of course, it's Lucas. Lucas gets upset that clearly the DiMera family must be getting frantic to attack anything remotely Brady. He gives her a gun and tells her to use it if she must. It must be easier to buy a gun in Salem than cold medicine. He basically forces her to take it.

EJ goes to visit Sami. He tells her about the shooting and Sami says Lucas doesn't want to go to Santo Domingo. He thinks that Lucas may change his mind yet.

Bo goes to see Sami to try to talk her out of marrying EJ. You can check earlier blog entries for the argument because it has been hashed over already, I assure you - at least a few times. Bo leaves, dejected. Lucas comes back and tells her that they can go to Santo Domingo to get the divorce. They decide that they will leave baby Johna and the not yet named girl with Steve and Kayla while they go to get their divorce.

Bo heads off to the pub where he tells Marlena that she could very well be right about the vigilante justice that she suggested.

A little later, Kate goes to visit EJ and tells him how Lucas came to the scene. EJ tells her that surely now Lucas will give Sami the divorce. She shows him the gun and points it at him, saying she knows how to use it too well - and then warns him that if Lucas finds out the truth he will find out how good she is with the gun.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 31, 2007 3:47 PM
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