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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Nearly Caught In The Act

Belle tells Philip that they shouldn't be making out. Well, at least they shouldn't be making out in a church. People get fired from radio stations for stuff like that. Just as the argument gets really interesting, Shawn walks in and wonders what's happening. They have their own reasons for being in church and Belle asks for a ride home.

Bo and Abe discuss the tragic accident / murder of John Black and how the car was purchased by someone named Harry Jenkins. Perhaps he was hired by the DiMera family - or maybe it was just completely random. Like that ever happens on DOOL. Bo gets a call from the commander saying that he needs to get Shawn and meet with him as soon as possible.

EJ and Lucas meet up at the pub where EJ says that he wants to do right by Lucas and have his help raising the children after he and Sami get married. Needless to say, Lucas isn't thrilled about this proposal. I guess he's an all or nothing sort of fellow. They discuss John and how EJ keeps saying that he didn't shoot John. You know, it's funny - they didn't show the shooting on screen and all we have to go by is Tek's word that it was EJ. What if it had been Andre? Is there any possibility that's the case?

Sami can't believe that she is really going to give birth. Neither can most of us - shouldn't this have happened about a month ago? A-yup, she is ready to give birth and it's going to happen right in that room. Sami manages to call Lucas and tells him that she's in labor and he has to get there pronto.

Back at the pub, Lucas has a little talk with BO and then goes over and says that he wants to call a truce. Because this is DOOL, EJ falls for it and watches as Lucas handcuffs him to some railing. Nice. Bo calls Shawn and tells him they have to meet at the station. Of course, EJ asks Bo and Abe to kindly please release him. They take off after giving him a proper verbal roughing.

Bo and Shawn go to the police station where the commander tells them that apparently, Shawn was tied up in some weird case in which he left the country with Belle and Claire. It's a good thing they didn't find out about the fight on Tinda Lau. He would never get in after that. I guess the sheriff kept his word, or something. The commander says it's not exactly a 'done deal' and Bo says they will fight it. Shawn decides that it was probably Philip that got him in trouble.

Philip offers to take Belle home as her car just won't start. Man, I would just give up on that car if I were Belle. First the door locks with the key inside and now this. I will spare you the details but let's just say that Philip somehow manages to talk her into making out with him again.

Marlena tells Sami that she is presently dilated at seven centimeters. I don't know about you but I can't get accurate figures like that without a ruler. They realize that they can't even get a doctor to come out there and soon the first baby manages his way out and as Lucas has already arrived, they agree that they will name him John Roman Roberts. Huh - I thought Lucas was abandoning the Roberts name. That ended quickly.

Sami has some trouble with the second baby - the cord being wrapped around the baby's neck. They manage to work it all out. Of course this is just when EJ and Kate come in. EJ suddenly has the realization that I had literally months ago - perhaps the babies have different fathers. No kidding. Kate tells Lucas that she is very happy for him.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 23, 2007 9:08 PM
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