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Days of Our Lives: Lucas Wants EJ Dead

Leave it to Shawn and Philip to do the thing that Shawn and Philip do best - argue about something and then get into a fight of some sort, followed by Philip throwing money at whatever damage he has caused. They follow that forumula perfectly well in that they first argue about the person Belle will choose, followed by a real fist fight that has plenty of property damage, which is then followed by Caroline getting upset and Philip placating her by throwing a big pile of cash to cover the damage. I wish I had big piles of cash I carried around so I could endure big brawls.

Hope and Belle have it out as well. Hope tells Belle that she knows that something went on between her and Philip and she figured it out all by herself using her keen detective skills. Belle caves in and admits that something happened and she begs Hope not to say anything about it. Hope says that she has no problem keeping the secret so long as Belle completely cuts Philip out of her life - for good. If she slips up she will go straight to Shawn with the damning story. I guess Belle sleeping with Philip was a good thing? Anyone want to take bets as to how soon Shawn finds out the truth?

Bo and Abe go and interrogate Harry, whose name turns out to be not Harry but Jake. Remember that television show Jake and the Fat Man? After the police bring EJ over we have the usual greetings of two people who have obviously never seen each other in their lives. They soon find out thanks to a phone call from the police that our man Jake used to be cellmates with Andre Dimera. Jake's phone is scrutinized and Andre's phone number is found all over it. Nice job covering your tracks, man.

Lucas starts daydreaming and thinking about what would be if Sami and EJ raised their son and he raised their daughter alone - and goes forward in his daydream years ahead to a future where the boy gets everything he wants and more and the girl ends up a trainwreck thanks to poor raising from Lucas. It ends up that Sami and Lucas die early and all is sadness and mire in the Salem of Lucas' imagination.

Bo and Hope show up at the hospital and try to talk Sami out of marrying EJ. Lucas is less than pleased with how poorly their efforts are going and tells Bo that he won't have too much trouble figuring out who to go after should EJ end up being killed.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 25, 2007 3:07 PM
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