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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Hope Held Hostage, Week In Review

Is it just me or has Days become a hostage-loving show lately? Everyone seems to be held hostage at one point or another. We went from EJ and Lucas being held hostage last week to EJ and Sami being held hostage this week along with Roman, who is very much alive. Well, let's get to that. Just a reminder that this is the last DOOL blog this week once again because of holidays this week. Worry not, there won't be holidays for a long while after this. Plenty more DOOL Fodder to come!

First, let's review the Stephanie / Chelsea sorority rush storyline. It won't take too much of our time, I promise. They go and try to rush a sorority and end up arguing over whether they really want to do it or not. I'm serious. I don't see much of any point to this plotline so if nobody objects, I will keep this storyline down to a minimum in the recaps.

Stefano acknowledges that the terms of ending the vendetta, as set forth in the leather folio, are that Sami and EJ have to get married - this would put Santo and Colleen's souls. Lucas assumes that Sami is just going to tell Stefano to shove it but much to his disappointment and the joy of his mother, she says that she is going to go through with it for the sake of her family. She swears that it's only going to be a short term thing and that as soon as Stefano snuffs it, she will go back to Lucas if he will have her.

Andre finally reveals Roman, only he has a large bomb tied to him. As the clock is ticking away on the bomb, Steve takes Stefano hostage at a television station and demands that Andre come with Roman - in good health, of course. Andre shuts off the bomb and ties up EJ and Sami, leaving them in the pub with the gas running. EJ and Sami, being the awesome people that they are, untie themselves using nothing but broken glass. Sami flees from the pub just as EJ passes out and Sami holds him and tells him that she cares about him and doesn't want him to die. Just what he needed to wake back up - and guess who was watching while she said all that? Of course, it was Lucas!

Back at the television station, a huge argument breaks out because Stefano just can't seem to control Andre anymore. Well, I guess if you take your nephew and make him look exactly like one of your sons and train him to be a killer, he may just stop listening to you entirely. Stefano repeatedly tells him that the vendetta is over and Andre insists it will never end. After Steve stops holding his gun to Stefano and Andre finally releases Roman, he takes Hope and puts his gun to her head. He slowly takes them out towards the roof. You can imagine how this is going to end.

See you Monday!

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 3, 2007 6:54 PM
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