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Days of Our Lives: Chelsea is Snatched

Chelsea and Stephanie discuss Nick's inability to help them move due to babysitting and how exciting it will be living in the sorority house. Inside, Ford talks about finding fine ladies - none as fine as Morgan. Morgan helps Chelsea and Stephanie bring some things in and tells them where they will be rooming. Morgan eventually has another tedious conversation with Max about his feelings for Stephanie and they discuss Jeremy for a bit.

Max tells her that she should relax because she is choosing him - but will her family be okay with their relationship? The clash of the classes - she says when her family sees how happy he makes her they will be okay with it. So of course they kiss.

Chelsea asks Ford how the date went with Cordy and then when he says it wasn't so great he proceeds to hit on her. She informs him that they are really not happening. Cordy happens to walk by and Ford asks her for a dance and she yells at him not to touch her and runs off. I wonder what happened. Morgan and Chelsea go to see Cordy who is hunched over crying.

They ask if something happened with Ford and she says she is tired of this place and the school - and is dropping out. They can't believe it but say that if it's what she really wants then they will support her. They decide they should have a going away party but Cordy says her parents are coming the following evening. Chelsea and Morgan leave and agree that something is wrong.

Ford hits on some random woman who isn't interested. They discuss Cordy and Ford says that sorority girls play with fire but don't want to get burned.

Lucas and Kate look at the babies and Kate says she shouldn't be excluded from their lives. Lucas says he still wants her out of his life and Kate wonders if that includes her grandchildren as well. She points out how perfect the hands are and Lucas bemoans the possibility that EJ might be the father. They discuss how the person who killed John had a DiMera connection.

Lucas says it was because of Stefano because he wanted EJ and Sami together to end the vendetta. After some more argument Lucas tells Kate that he has already filled out the forms and he is now Lucas Horton and she is no longer his mother. If I had a nickel for every time he disowned her... along with how she forced him to do this. She promises she will not talk to Stefano anymore and he says it is just too late. She says she can't lose him and he says she already has. A nurse brings out the babies and tells Lucas he can take them to Sami. Kate tells Lucas he's going to be a wonderful father and starts to leave but he stops her.

EJ goes to see Sami, who is having a good time with lime hospital product. They debate whether there is a possibility that EJ is the father of the boy and Sami tells him to shut up after EJ says the boy is the spitting image of him. They of course argue this and he says they should try to make the best of things. He wants them to be good friends and she says that they are not friends and he should be prepared for the marriage from hell.

I should make a drinking game with all of the expressions that people use way too many times on this show. If you took a shot for every time Sami said "marriage from hell" you wouldn't make it through the average episode. Similarly you should take a drink every time they argue over how legitimate their marriage is going to be.

EJ says that her family won't be safe as long as they're not married and she will spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder. Sami says she will marry him as it's the only way to end the vendetta but she isn't even divorced yet and he says he knows a nice country where it can be done quite quickly. She says she will get Lucas to sign on. As they discuss this Lucas comes in with the twins and EJ starts to walk over and Sami tells him not to take another step towards the babies. Kate soon comes in with the girl baby and they discuss who looks more like Lucas and Kate says it's definitely the boy. It's not long before EJ takes off but hangs out right outside the door as anyone would expect him to do. Lucas says he has to thank her for giving him two of the most beautiful children ever. He realizes that they have tough times ahead but no matter where she is her happiness means everything to him. Kate goes to leave and outside, EJ says he just got a wonderful idea. Odd how he tells this to himself.

Chelsea and Stephanie have a nice little argument about Max and Stephanie just storms off. Chelsea goes to see Cordy - she asks how her parents reacted and she says not so great. Chelsea tells her how Ford hit on her and she quickly reacts and says she shouldn't let him do anything. Cordy refuses to elaborate and so Chelsea leaves. She tells Morgan and Max what happened and how Stephanie left. Ford gets busted hitting on yet another woman and says the party is dead, putting on black gloves while he leaves. Chelsea tells them that she got a call from campus security saying that her headlights were left on and she says she will go and turn them off. Morgan tells Max to make sure she is okay. Naturally as soon as Chelsea gets outside a gloved hand covers her mouth. Pretty sure it's not "the" gloved hand, however.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 26, 2007 7:39 PM
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