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Days of Our Lives: Chelsea and the Bomb

Max helps Cordy carrying her things and runs into a thoroughly drunk Ford with a similarly drunk girl on his arm. Ford asks Cordy if she isn't in a party mood and she goes back to her room. Ford continues making funny with the girl and then goes to the kitchen for champagne and Cordy peeks her head out to see if he left. Max says that he wants to talk about her leaving school - he doesn't think it has anything to do with school and has everything to do with Ford Decker. She says she doesn't want to talk about it. Give it time.

Patch is having trouble sleeping and Kayla gets up to see why. He says he doesn't understand why things happen the way they do - losing John, Benjy, and even their little Pocket man. Maybe they should have chosen a better name. Steve says he has had it with people being taken away from him and she says he won't lose her. He is quite glad. They suddenly hear a strange sound. Patch tells Kayla to call his mother and he heads out and suddenly tells her to hold off as it turns out to be Stephanie. She says she came home because she had nowhere else to go.

Kayla says if something happened she can tell them. Patch suddenly gets the idea perhaps this is girl talk and leaves. Kayla wonders why she doesn't want her father to hear and she says she doesn't want her father to think she's a tramp. She made out with some guy who had his hands all over her and she had no problem with it and Kayla says clearly there was some problem because she was there and not in the guy's bed.

Stephanie says that she ran away from the sorority house when she saw what was going on with Max. She doesn't want to see Max get his heart broken. Stephanie says she will fix things and not by making out with random guys. Kayla goes to take care of something and Steve comes in and Stephanie apologizes for not being a better daughter. He says if whatever she was talking about with her mother had anything to do with Max then he could be of help. She says she doesn't want him fixing her guy problems.

Chelsea tells Nick that she's standing on a bomb and if she moves it will explode. He says he has read about bombs like this - it looks like an S4250 - all he has to do is trick it into thinking the weight has not been removed. Nick picks up a television and says it should work - it's like that scene from that Indiana Jones film. Chelsea tells him that she is glad that he is in her life and is sorry that she dragged him into this.

Nick counts to three and switches the television for where Chelsea is and it apparently worked. They hear a loud pounding sound and Chelsea wonders what they should do. The man who used to dress like Panama Jack comes in and takes them out. The bomb makes some strange noises but then turns out to be a dud. He tells them the children are okay and he can see them in due time. The Salem Police is soon there and nobody has any answers as to where the children are and Jett says they are being debriefed. The kids soon come out but are sent back to the squad car.

Panama Jack explains that Chelsea was kidnapped as leverage but Artemis and DeMarquette's parents are no longer in danger and want their children returned to them, understandably. Nick says he wants to say goodbye to the children and so he does. He tells them that they have taught him a lot and they should stick to the books and learning. He says he will miss them a lot but they should definitely visit him. He hopes that one day he will have children just like them. Sadly the children have to leave. He tells them he will miss both of them and gets high fives.

Jett tells Chelsea that he has missed her and she says that she has been quite busy and asks how the job has been. He says he had been hoping to see her more often and wonders if he had imagined it or if they had perhaps rekindled something after he was shot. He starts asking her out and she excuses herself to talk to Nick. He tells her it's going to be hard going home to an empty apartment. She takes his hands and Jett looks on, less than pleased. They discuss the kids and then Chelsea asks Nick for a ride back to the sorority house and Jett steps in and offers.

Jett and Billie get to talking and Jett asks if Chelsea has mentioned Jett upsetting her. Billie says no such talk has come up and they have to go and get breakfast.

Max comes out and bumps into Ford and then asks what is up with Cordy. Ford taunts him. A little later, Morgan finds Max asleep and says that Chelsea is okay and wasn't hurt. Morgan wonders why he was on the couch and he explains the Ford situation. He tells her his theory on Ford being the reason for Cordy leaving. He says that she started acting differently after the date.

Nick says he will get his car and then Jett notes that they seem to be back together and she says they have been off and on again. He says they seem more on now. (Moron now?) Billie gives her a hug from her father and gives her a stern warning that he will put a detail on her next time she goes anywhere alone. Back at the sorority house, Chelsea tells Nick that she loves him for being such a hero and yes, they get right to the making out. Soon Max comes in and gives them a proper hello and then they head upstairs. Chelsea asks Nick to stay and he says he has to face his apartment. That's the perfectly logical thing to do after making out with his on again / off again girlfriend. She tells him that he is free to come to their Halloween party - she will be the devil. So no costume for her?

Steve says he isn't going to sit Max down and Stephanie is relieved. He tells her that Adrienne mentioned an opening at the Cheatin' Heart and she can work there along with Max. Stephanie thinks that he will probably quit if he figures out it's a setup and he says it's her Aunt Adrienne - why would he suspect that? She then apologizes for how things ended with Jeremy. Stephanie wishes that she could be more like her mother. Guess who comes in? It's Kayla who apparently didn't' have to go to work. She asks Steve to grab her a cup of coffee and then tells Stephanie that she should just let go and start with somebody new. A little later Steve comes in and tells them that dear Aunt Adrienne has a job opening at the Cheating Heart. Stephanie says she will go and have a shower. Kayla wonders if there is a coincidence that Max happens to work there. Steve wonders if she told her why she was crying and Kayla says it was not that bad.

Outside, Stephanie looks out the window and tells it that Max will never forgive her after what happened the previous evening. Uhm... what happened?

-- Gordon Davidescu

One Year ago : Just a year ago, Shawn couldn't even see Claire and Belle was living with John and Marlena. EJ tells Sami that she can't choose to have both Will and Lucas and him in her life. The Salem Police suspect that EJ was behind the notes that Sami was receiving. Patch and Kayla, meanwhile, are in the hospital thanks to a biotoxin that attacked them from a booby trapped room in the hospital.

Posted by Gordon on October 30, 2007 7:21 PM
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Who did D'Marquette and Artemis belong to? What are Sammi and Lucas living on? Neither of them work.

-- Posted by: Patty at November 9, 2007 7:32 PM

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