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Days of Our Lives: Belle and Philip "Make Love"

Before we really get into it, where did that expression come from? How is having sex making love? A lot of love gets made in Nevada, at a tremendous price - where does all this love go? Straight to the doctor to get a nice injection, apparently. Belle tells Philip that she doesn't want him out of her life and she can't imagine him not being around. Of course, this has to lead to them having sex. Immediately after the sex ends, Belle regrets it and wishes that they hadn't done it. Does anybody want to take bets on Belle being pregnant? Philip leaves, apparently satisfied at a job well done.

Shawn seems just about ready to go upstairs to tell Belle the not so good news about the police academy but Hope says that they need to talk. Shawn tells her all about his fears that Belle isn't really with him and Hope assures him that Belle really loves him all the way. Hope tells him that she noticed Philip's car outside and after he goes and checks he confirms it - yup, the guy surely is there. Hope tells him not to say anything he will regret.

Of course this is just when Philip comes on down and feels the need to straighten his jacket, as though something had just happened. He tells Shawn that he had given Belle a ride. Philip tells him he just walked her to the door and that just because his relationship with Belle isn't going so well, it doesn't mean he should take it out on him. How many pronouns can I use in one sentence? Shawn says that Belle is off limits and Philip wisely retorts that Belle is unhappy with him - and besides, they love each other and always have.

Hope takes Ciara upstairs for reasons known only to them, apparently. She goes to see Belle and quickly assesses that something happened. People have to start doing a better job of cleaning up post coitally. Hope confronts Belle and tells her that she wants the truth about what just happened - she will protect her son at any cost.

Sami tells Lucas that she's glad that he was there for the births of the twins since he wasn't there when Will was born. They go over names for the girl but don't agree on any. They wonder what would be if EJ was the father of one of the children. This is totally out of earshot of EJ, who doesn't take the hint about them wanting him to leave and so Marlena gives him a nice slap on the face.

Somehow we find Lucas and Kate having yet another argument about whether Kate is going to be in the lives of anyone remotely related to her, including her new grandchildren.

There is much discussion over whether they should do yet another DNA test and ultimately Sami relents and says that they really should do one. Great - another DNA test that can be easily tampered. Apparently they can have the results within twenty four hours. I guess that means we'll find out next week.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 24, 2007 2:39 PM
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