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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: A Death and a Near Death

So dear Shawn Senior spends a lot of time in the room with Andre, telling him that he should really kill him for everything that he has done to the Brady family. Conveniently, there is a power button just in reach. Shawn Senior somehow decides that killing Andre would not be the right thing to do, so just then Andre decides he's going to push the power button himself and does himself in. Needless to say, it is going to look a lot like Shawn did it. Who could prove otherwise? Good thinking, Andre. Yep, Stefano comes in after Shawn has left and is told by the staff that an old man was there and assumes that Shawn Senior turned off the machine. He swears vengeance will be his.

Sami is convinced by everyone that getting an annulment would be the wrong thing to do so she rips up the papers. Caroline tells Hope and Bo about how Shawn Senior left them a note that he is at the hospital - could he be searching for Stefano?

Bo and Hope go to the hospital where they run into Stefano who swears that Shawn Senior is the one who killed Andre and that there is no way that he would have turned off his own machines.

Belle accidentally locks the keys in the car and so just as EJ is about to hit her with his car, he gets a call from Sami saying that he needs to come to the pub.

EJ arrives at the pub to have Sami tell him that she's not going to marry him and Lucas of course rubs it in his face. EJ and Sami rehash old arguments. She tells him that if he cares about her at all he will leave her family alone. He tells her that whatever happens to her family will be a result of her actions - or lack of action. He says that ripping up the annulment basically sealed the fate of her family.

John and Marlena go to get into Belle's car. It turns out that one of the doors was actually unlocked. Good going, Belle. Naturally, just after they get into the car, John just sort of strolls out into the street, where a car immediately runs into him. So that's what happens when you complain about your onscreen time being reduced.

Sami gets a call from Marlena saying that John was hit and she tells Lucas, who says it must have been EJ. Right - he hit EJ while he was standing there in the pub. Sami immediately starts blaming herself for what she did to her family. Well done.

Marlena thinks it was Stefano's fault and sits over him, crying. She tells him to hang on.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 12, 2007 5:13 PM
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