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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Symbol on the Door

Jett and Abe discuss Stefano and how sadly, Jett was sacked by the ISA. Abe lists exactly how he messed things up. Wow, he really tears him a new one. He can't even get him a job with the police because it wouldn't look good for him to give a job to his nephew like that.

Chelsea complains about how cold hospitals are. Chelsea and Stephanie discuss Jett and maybe visiting him since he is still ailing. Chelsea tells Stephanie that she doesn't want Jett to feel that he owes her anything. She tells her about Jett's profession of love. The problem is that she still loves Nick. Stephanie volunteers to see what Jett really said. Stephanie goes to talk to Jett. She couldn't believe that he was with the ISA. They discuss this and Chelsea comes in but soon Stephanie gets a call and leaves. Jett says he wants to talk about what happened the night he was shot.

Jeremy hides from Kayla after leaving an open can of soda just sitting out. A nice generic soda. She looks into the room and sees noone and then Kayla goes to put Pocket down for a nap. Jeremy of course tries to sneak out but is stopped at the door. Kayla says he will be charged with breaking and entering and Jeremy says Stephanie let him in. He proves it with the key that Stephanie gave him.

Kayla is less than pleased and says that now Stephanie is committing a crime by harboring Jeremy. He wants to leave and she stops him. He says he will honestly turn himself at the right time. She starts calling the police and he stops her. Naturally he manages to call Stephanie without Stephanie noticing and tells Kayla not to call the police. Stephanie hears and immediately goes to Jeremy's rescue. They argue and Kayla wonders how he really could be a Horton. Soon Stephanie comes home and of course, there's a lot of arguing.

Stefano points to the casket and wonders how much he's going to get from Bo and Abe for everything they've done. Steve comes in and says he should add Roman to the list and Stefano says he will add him to the list as well. Patch wonders how this is possible if Roman is missing. Patch asks the lawyer about Roman and the lawyer assures Stefano that he has a great case against the police. Stefano asks Rolf to leave them alone to chat.

They argue over Roman and his location and Patch even puts on an amusing imitation of Roman. Stefano thanks him for the performance and asks him to go. They argue some more and Patch loudly tells the police guard that he should call Bo. Patch tells Stefano that they should have some sort of deal. He says that the police knows where Andre is hiding - all Stefano has to do is keep Benjy safe and he will keep Andre. He also tells him to drop the lawsuit against Bo and Abe. After Steve leaves Stefano says that they have to warn Andre so after they leave Rolf draws a strange symbol on the door. Naturally, Patch comes out from hiding and has a good look at the symbols.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Can you believe it has only been two years since that crazy Stan plot was going on? I know I can't. A year ago, Shawn had just found out that he definitely was Claire's father, Patrick asks for Tek's help, and Jack and Jennifer are invited to London to write for the Spectator there. Wow.

Posted by Gordon on September 20, 2007 8:03 PM
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