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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Cruelest Cut

Bo tells Abe all about the stabbing and how Patch left before an ambulance could even arrive. Soon he spots Andre. He tells Abe that he's going to corner him.

Kayla tells Stephanie that she is not to leave and Stephanie is only stopped from leaving by her father who collapses, saying he needs to speak with Bo. He gets ahold of him and tells him he will be there in ten minutes though Bo tells him not to come.

A search team is assembling to find Roman. EJ comes into the pub and says he'd like to help as well. Lucas surmises that he's just trying to become the hero again and must know where Roman is. Big argument over who will go with EJ to put up flyers. Lucas ends up leaving with EJ. After they leave Sami tells Shawn Senior he has to tell them what happened as her father's life is at stake.

Chelsea reprimands Max for hitting on yet another random woman. He talks about how he really feels about Stephanie but he doesn't want to get hurt if Jeremy came back again.

Just as Bo is about to go into the warehouse Lucas and EJ come up to 'help' and this is when Andre comes out and grabs Lucas. Naturally there is an exchange of people telling each other to put their guns down. Of course it is Bo who ends up putting his gun down. He won't even tell them where Roman is. Then he decides to show them a grenade with a short fuse, so he says. He throws it in the warehouse and says that Roman is in the warehouse. Bo goes in after it. There is an explosion, and Andre leaves with Lucas and EJ. Bo doesn't find Roman but he shows Abe that he finally got the folio.

Andre goes into the pub and tells Sami that she is going to have to choose one of his two hostages to live - and the other to die. She has to come to a location alone at nine at night to make the choice. How kind of him.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on September 24, 2007 7:34 PM
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