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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Sami's Choice

Stephanie goes to see her father in the hospital and accidentally lets it slip that Jeremy is en route to Seattle. They discuss Jeremy and of course she says she still loves him with Max right outside to listen. Curiously enough, Stefano comes to visit. Max asks Stefano where Roman is and gets no answer. After Max leaves with Stephanie, Stefano says he wants the violence to finally end. He insists that EJ must live for the vendetta to end. They discuss how the folio was found and each has a differing opinion as to how possible the terms of ending the vendetta are. They must be met, Stefano insists, or the Brady family will suffer.

Jeremy, meanwhile, is not en route to Seattle - he is in Nick's apartment. He manages to convince Nick to let him stay one night. Chelsea comes to see Nick and he hides Jeremy. This leads to a long argument as to why he stalled opening the door - she thinks that he is hiding a woman. It is all ended when the kids try to find Jeremy as they want to play.

Sami can't believe that EJ and Lucas are being held hostage and freaks out when Bo confirms it. She freaks out even more when he tells her what he found inside the folio. After she looks it over she says that clearly she is going to have to be the one to end the vendetta. Bo tells her that she is not to try to do that. He goes to get her something from the kitchen and just then Andre calls to wonder why she is so late so she darts off. Lots of arguing and this ends when there is a knock at the door - a strange man called Muma Abuhd who asks about the kids. They say there are no children there at all. The man insists that the children are in danger and he is trying to protect them.

Bo naturally calls the police to let them know she is out there and soon Julie and Doug come wondering what is going on.

Sami finds Andre and after checking that she is not wired for sound, she asks where everyone is. He asks her about her feelings for EJ and she says she can't stand him. Andre tells her that he will spare Roman's life - all she has to do is kill either Lucas or EJ.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on September 25, 2007 8:19 PM
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